Fakta: 100% Grenache


80 år gamle Grenache stokke fra den tørre Sceales vinmark i Alexander Valley, Sonoma County.

Her er Kennys historie om hvordan han fik fat i frugt og vinmark:

"Every wine has a story. I was dropping Ida off at preschool early in 2011 and her preschool teacher asked me if I was interested in grapes that her father couldn’t sell. I asked her what type of grapes they were, but she didn’t know and I assumed Merlot or Syrah since he was having trouble selling them. Figuring I was kind of on the spot to make sure Ida had a good experience at preschool, I told the teacher to give my number to her father. He didn’t call for a month and then on another day when I was dropping Ida off, she asked if her dad had called me yet. I said that he hadn’t and she said that he probably would soon since he still couldn’t sell the grapes. When he did finally call, he said he had about 4 acres of Grenache. That was instantly more interesting than I expected and told him I would head over the next day to have a lot. He didn’t tell me over the phone that it is probably the oldest Grenache in Northern Sonoma County and probably one of the oldest Grenache vineyards in the state with vines over 80 years old. He also didn’t tell me it was dry farmed. The rest is in the bottle."

90 points, Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar

319,00 DKK

319,00 DKK