100% Nebbiolo

DOCG Barolo

Borgogno er et meget gammelt og hæderkronet vinfirma. De blev stiftet i 1761 og vin fra huset blev bl.a. drukket ved den officielle fest for Italiens samling i 1861

Harvest: hard temperatures during winter, with an abundant snow at the end of January, copious rainfalls and cool temperatures till the end of winter season, so the vegetative cycle started later than the average. At the beginning of the summer temperatures were high and few rainfalls occurred, while in August temperatures turned out to be cooler. Abundant rainfalls during the months of September didn’t caused damages to the grape. 

Winemaking: floating cap regular fermentation for about 2 weeks at a controlled temperature (at 22-25 °C and at the end of the fermentation 29-30 °C) followed by maceration and subsequent submerged cap maceration with a variable duration between 15 and 25 days.

Ageing: four years in Slavonia oak casks with a further refining in bottle for 6 months.

525,00 DKK

525,00 DKK